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Harvest Growth Capital has a long-term perspective on the growth markets in which we invest. This perspective extends into the public capital markets through its affiliated public investment funds.

Public Markets

Adding Value

Harvest Growth Capital has developed a deep knowledge base in each of our sectors which allows us to be more value added partners to our companies in meeting the myriad of challenges presented by the micro-trends within each sector such as recognizing customer needs, fully understanding the competitive landscape, identifying successful business models and strategies, and analyzing spending patterns.

Harvest Growth Capital has worked with many industry-leading, high-growth companies and has an extensive network of relationships that often help facilitate partnerships and strategic discussions.

In addition, a large percentage of our investor base is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, who are a great asset to our portfolio companies as potential board members, advisors, and sources of introductions and referrals.

We can help portfolio companies with various growth stage priorities such as:

  • Providing long-term financial support in both private and public markets
  • Preparing for an IPO, including counsel from our capital markets advisory board
  • Making customer introductions
  • Helping with business development
  • Identifying acquisition targets
  • Helping with sales and marketing
  • Recruiting executives, employees, board members
  • Identifying complementary & attractive market opportunities
  • Providing growth capital to accelerate sales

Growth Capital

Harvest Growth Capital is focused on finding emerging companies and providing growth capital for these companies to help accelerate their sales.

This capital enables our companies to be more competitive, achieve scale, and expand their market share by:

  • Hiring additional sales people
  • Expanding sales and marketing
  • Developing new products
  • Expanding international presence
  • Developing additional distribution channels
  • Making strategic acquisitions

Active Or Passive

We can be active or passive supportive shareholders and help portfolio companies with various growth stage priorities